About: Fancy Riolu~


About: Bird nerd who loves music and drawing silly faces.

Lemony Yellow

About: Howdy do! I go by Lemon or Lem, but feel free to call me whatever you like! I enjoy world building and character development, so I hope you'll enjoy my works! On spare time, I like to play the piano and play a bunch'a viideo games!


About: Hello all, I'm spike. I'm an engineer that does comics on my spare time. I like mysteries, action and monsters. You'll see a lot of those on the stuff I make. So yeah, have fun and hope you enjoy my comics!


About: Part time bear.


About: Hi I'm Donna! I'm a Game Art Senior at LCAD. I'm an aspiring master artist and also a budding writer. I <3 Adventure, 1800s-1900s aesthetic, Dinosaurs n' Dragons, ZOIDS and Monster Hunter.


About: The Saur everyone loves and hates! (Not really) He enjoys playing video games, making comics and spending time with friends!


About: Pudgy gator with too much free time.


About: Your average roly-poly machinery-loving rodent. Sometimes goes by the name of "Andy". Made of 100% pure dorkyness. Some say there's a bit of mechanic engineer in the mix but that's still under debate. Comic stuff you'll see here: action, adventure, machines, lame attempts at "comedy". -Icon by Buyo


About: A quirky and mischievous Grovyle that has a tendency to write stories for people to love or hate.